@trainboyfriend showcasing incredible style with Camel Jacket and edgy Sunglasses

Aside from killer style and edgy look, Peter McDonald has such a fascinating story behind his instagram username. I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to hear where it came from.

If you live in Melbourne, or any other city that public transportation is part of our daily life and daily commute, you must know how it feels to spot someone attractive across the platform or inside the train across a few seats from you. That’s where the “train boyfriend” came from. Essentially, in that few minutes or few hours, they are your train boyfriend/girlfriend, although you both are complete strangers but we all have that type of fantasy one or twice, right?

I swear next time i spot somebody attractive in the train i’m gonna go to them introduce myself and make them officially mine. lol. Jokes.

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Seeking inspiration from Mr Grey.

i’ve been really lazy to update my blog lately and also more than anything, probably because i haven’t had pictures taken of me that got me excited enough to blog about it. Then, i saw the anticipated cover release of GQ Magazine with Mr Grey, Jamie Dornan himself on it and it inspired me to put on a clean tie and my favourite coat and finally this post come out of it.

With the beginning of 2017 i am working on a new project, which i am pretty excited about and also can’t wait for you guys to see what i am working on. There will be more male models on this blog, which will be featuring menswear, streetwear and all the cool things that come with it so get ready to see exciting new faces soon.