Austin Levine – About Me

A little something about Me, My name is Austin Levine. 25 years old, currently pursuing a Master Degree in Business in Melbourne, Australia. I have the biggest heart for fashion especially menswear. While other Men spend their free time playing sports or talk about Cars, i am here playing dress up. Oh well, you gotta do what your heart tells you.

i am very inspired by a lot of people, from different genre, mostly the American style back in 1920s, I have profound respect for Jay Gatsby, or James Dean. I love men in suits. Everything about men in suits exuberant Class and power and knowledge. It is definitely true when they say, the most intellectual men dress the most stylish.

This website is to celebrate my personal style, so there won’t be any other post in regards to other people.

Blog entries will feature what brand i like to wear, or places i like to shop.

All photos are taken by my own personal photographer.

For brand collaboration please contact Me via my email: