The Right Fit’s First ever influencer Breakfast has organised this fabulous breakfast gathering to bring together all the major influencers and clients to have a chance to meet each other and discuss how influencers can navigate and enable brand to achieve their objective goals. The host and speaking panels provide major insights into what to do in order to work collaboratively and aim to develop further success for both clients and the influencers.

Photographed by: @Sorrento_Wedding_Photography

My Favourite looks for Autumn – Melbourne city edition


Fashion isn’t about fitting in, it is about standing out from the crowd. With the beginning of Autumn just looming around the corner, it is exciting to take out your favourite outerwear and start mixing it up with cheeky styles, whether it is camel coat, bomber jacket or good old classic hoody.

The four looks above are by far my most favourite looks for autumn,

I’ve been experimenting with pattern pants, it brings out my personality and the colour block definitely showcase the cheeky side of my style. Plus, Boots and Sneakers are also two of my favourite items for Autumn.

  1. First look: Topman bomber jacket – Addidas hoody – Topman pants – Vans sneakers
  2. Second look: Asos oversized T-shirt – Zara jeans – Comme Des Garcon sneakers
  3. Asos camel coat – Asos turtleneck – Saint Laurent boots
  4. Zara sweater – Jack London pants – Zara Boots.

When it comes to styling your outfit, it is important that you understand the mix and play of each item and there are important aspects that need to take into account such as, comfortability, style, colour coordination and first impression.

Word of advice, do not afraid to experiment with your own personal style but at the same time take inspiration from other blogger, instagramer, fashion magazine, models etc.



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